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15-18 November 2021



15 - 18 November 2021

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Australian Targa Florio 2021

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Official Supplementary Regulations for the 2021 Event

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There is something for everyone to enjoy, with 3 categories open for drivers to compete.   The Targa Florio Australian Tribute follows a European format that allows the enjoyment of cars with precision rather than speed. All three categories will follow exactly the same course and take in the same stages.  The event covers nearly 1000kms over 4 days and 80 competition stages.

Classica Trofeo

Classic cars produced between
1906 and 1976.

Legends Trophy

Exotic cars produced from
1977 onward.

La Corsa Scuderia

Award for teams of 3 cars

2019 Edition

In 2019, the 3rd edition of The Targa Florio Australian Tribute saw competitors enjoy the spectacular backdrop of the Victorian coast and countryside.  Victoria’s great driving roads provide the pathway to adventure, where competitors can unleash their passion, take in the sights of our main tourist destinations, enjoy good food and wine unique to each region and be part of an event built on 100 years of European History. The event provides classic car enthusiasts seeking a finer motoring experience with a 4 day competition that excites and delights all the senses.

When: 14 – 17 November 2019

2019 Winners

Winners of the Targa Florio Australian Tribute in 2019 competed in numerous time trials and competition stages across the 4 days of the event.. Congratulations to all our winners and place getters for 2019.

Overall Winners

Angelo Pizzuto & Caterina Vagliani
1961 MG A

Classica Trofeo

Winners – Jaguar E-Type
Greg Adshead & Barry Adshead

2nd Place – Porsche Speedster
Rene Aalhuizen & James Andrea

3rd Place – Jaguar E-Type
Matthew Critchley & Allen Nosworthy

Legends Trophy

Winners – Ferrari 360 Spider
Robert Marsh & Sam Marsh

2nd Place – Alfa Romeo Spider
Bev Donnellen & Chris Donnellen

3rd Place – Audi R8 
Robert Summons & Niko French

La Corsa Scuderia

Winners – Team Europeans
Angelo Pizzuto & Caterina Vagliani
Peter Williams  & Anne Williams
Nic Deluca & Savina Confaloni


Targa Florio - Sicily, Italy

The early 20th century saw the birth of the motor car and the emergence of car clubs through Italy and Europe, all keen to demonstrate their cars ability to cover distance and do it quickly. At opposite ends of Italy the Palermo and Brescia Car Clubs established events that would become legendary in motor racing.  Competitors from around the world would come to test their cars and skills racing at ever increasing speed through the amazing network of roads and towns through Italy.

It was an exciting time with rapid development and competition amongst car manufacturers who saw the Targa Florio and the Mille Miglia event as the perfect demonstration of their cars.  They were established as speed events and manufacturers set aside large budgets and developed cars to win. The world’s best drivers pushed the cars faster and faster.


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